lady_entropy17 (lady_entropy17) wrote,

Birthday Party

That's right fuckers, it's my birthday again!  I'm turning 22 and I wanna hang with my friends.

When: August 21, time whenever....afternoon

Where:  My house.  My parents and my two annoying dogs will be there, sorry if that bugs you but I don't exactly have anywhere else to go so deal or offer a better place.

Why: Cause I rock

Theme:  None.  Costumes not necessary.  You can I guess if you really feel like it.

You guys know what's up.  Pizza, cake, drinking game.  I've been trying to think of a movie or something we could watch but to be honest all I wanna do is watch a scary movie so I'll just get that out with my brother. 

You want alcohol bring it, my house is pretty dry because of my dad.  This is a no drama party, anybody who brings any will get beaten in the face with a baseball bat by Sam Winchester. 

Umm.....I think that's it.  I hope everybody can come, rsvp here.  If anybody knows how to get a hold of Alix please invite her.  Presents aren't at all necessary but...ya know...I won't throw them away.
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