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Movie Journal: Shit I've watched so far this year

Decided I would start trying to keep a list of the movies I see each month.  It's already February so I'm just squeezing these two together.

Princess and the Frog - awesome movie!  Maybe my new favorite princess.  The music was great, the villain was fun, and it told kids they can wish on stars but then they have to work hard if they want their dreams to come true.  Good job Disney!  Wish I had grown up with this movie.  Plus Prince Naveen rocks.

Freak Out - ok, yes this movie was never in theaters...or released...but it was over two hours and on a website and that's good enough for me!  If you're into exploitation films or just campy horror then you're probably not friended to me....but if you are you should really go to  He reviews movies like that and also has made a few movies of his own, this is one of those.  Yeah, it's cheaply made....painfully cheap.  I can barely tell what's happening on screen half the time, but the half I could make out I did very much enjoy.  The acting for the most part is pretty shit but the Cinema Snob himself plays the villain in this movie and he's really really good.  So if you like serial killer/drug movies with a funky disco soundtrack by all means check it out!

Avatar - what can I say that hasn't been said?  It was fine, very pretty.  The dialogue was a bit crap and some of the characters were so cliche it made me want to stab somebody in the throat, but the Navi were well though tout out, the world was colorful and interesting, and it was very enjoyable overall.

Battle Royal - I know I'm late to the game on this one but great fucking movie.  Kids on an island where they have to fight to the awesome is that?  With a plot like that they really didn't have to try, they could have just made it over the top and fucked up, but they actually put in some effort and it really shows.  You see how these kids deal with and try to rationalize the fact that they have to kill the kids they called classmates and friends the day before.  Highly recommend this and it's actually not very graphic so my more pussy friends can check it out and be safe.

3 Extremes - a horror movie broken into three fourty minute parts, one from Japan, one from Korea, and one from China.  The Japanese one is called Box, it's the typical  Takashi Miike film, if there is such a thing.  It's weird and bits are a little odd but it's visually stunning and mostly very interesting.  The Korean part is called Cut and is pretty interesting, it's a bit hard to explain but if you can handle a little gore I would say check it out.  The Chinese section is called Dumpling, it's pretty lame.  This woman is eating these mysterious and very explensive dumplings because supposedly they will make her look younger.  What could be in these dumplings (SPOILER: BABIES).

The Hills Run Red
- ok movie, but only if you're a big horror fan.  Actually if you're a huge film geek of any type you can understand the pain of somebody going to extreme measures to find a "lost film".  Pretty gory but nothing very extreme.

Jack Ketchum's the Girl Next Door - DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE!  It's great, very effective and well acted, but I know the people who are my friends on LJ and you can't handle this movie.  It's losely based on the Sylvia Likens case in the 50s in Indiana.  Two girls were taken in by a women with lots of kids, for various reasons the woman begins to torture the girl to death in various way.  She puts her in the basement and has her children along with neighborhood kids beat her up, burn her with cigarettes, and eventually brand her with the words "I'M A PROSTITUTE AND PROUD OF IT".  That's the real story, sounds awful huh?  Types that by a lot and you get what's in this movie.  I know some of the people I have here on lj, I know some of you will think "fuck you Jess, I can handle it."  I had trouble handling it.  It's really a fantastic movie that you should avoid.  We're talking rape, we're taking female castration, RUN.

An American Crime - based on the same case as the Girl Next Door but this one actually follows the court transcripts and things like that.  I believe it was original a tv movie for showtime or one of those kinds of channels but it's very good.  It has Catherine Keener and Ellen Page so you know it rocks.  This was sadly a movie where I felt awkward drooling over the hotness that is Ellen Page but oh well.  For people who are interested in the Sylvia Liken case and don't want to attempt to stomach the girl next door.

Shutter Island - Go see it.  I don't want to give anything away because it rocks so hard....just go fucking see it.  It's a detective movie in an insane asylum made of brain fuckery, really really REALLY great.  There are parts where you kind of see where the movie is going, but that doesn't make the ride any less enjoyable.  It's not as scary as it looks in the trailer, just a great thriller with haunting visuals and awesome acting.

Cheap - this is another movie from  I know not many of you out there would dig this flick but I loved it SO much.  It's a comedy (I think.) about a porn director who decides he's going to finally do something important, something worthy of his talent and artistic vision.  What is his masterpiece?  A snuff film.  Yeah..I really love this movie.  Slightly better quality than Freak Out, much better acting, and pretty funny.

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