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Everybody is doing these silly lists and I wanna play too.  All of these are subjective, my opinion, blah blah blah

Mild spoilers for things I list and big surprise here, I get a bit ranty

                         Best Episodes of the Year

10. How I Met Your Mother - "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap" What can I really say about this?  It's fucking slapsgiving!  We had been waiting and we were rewarded with one hell of a slap.

9. Venture Bros - "Handsome Ransom" Things were definitely going to be different this season with the now Brock-less Venture family but in my opinion the show only got more interesting.  This particular one has the always welcome Monarch doing his thing, fucking with Doc Venture cause....cause he can and kidnapping his idiot children because that's what villains do.  Plus this one had Kevin Conroy as a pedo superhero who wears a rainbow suit, controls sunlight, and has eyes for young Hank, disturbing in that magic way.

8. Supernatural - "Changing Channels"  just fucking watch it

7. GLEE - "Wheels" I really didn't want to fall for this damn show but fuck is it fun.  Just a really enjoyable watch.  Sweet characters, good stories, amazing music, and I don't have to worry about people dying or exploding or some shit like that.  This particular episode deals with a lot of different issues, one of which is the gay guy in GLEE fighting for the opportunity to try out for Defying Gravity, a girl's part.  It just feels nice to see a gay person portrayed on TV for something other than laughs or sex.

6. Scrubs "My Last Words"  - was going to pick the finale, because this show is done despite the fake 9th season, but this early season 8 episode really touched me.  Scrubs has always been a funny show, but it always portrays people dealing with serious things incredibly well.  Fuck you Grey's Anatomy. 

5. Doctor Who - "End of Time Part 2" was going to do Waters of Mars but fuck it I pick this one.  Without giving things away, lets just say in my opinion it was a wonderful send off to this chapter of Doctor Who.  Despite the fact that the first part of End of Time was an eye cancer causing ABORTION of a television program I thought this nearly made up for the hour I wasted on part 1.

4. Torchwood "Children of Earth" - to me it's one entity so I can;t bare to break it up.  You guys know my opinion by now, I loved the thing despite my desire to hate it.  My only regret is that it caused a portion of a fandom I enjoyed to completely lose their sanity and good judgment in a pathetic crusade to save a beloved character, forgetting that we had lost two other characters the season before.  It caused people to act like children and some people very close to me have been hurt in the process of this, it's the reason I have abandoned the sinking ship of a fandom.  That being said, not even people's ridiculous behavior can overshadow  how truly wonderful this miniseries was.  Everybody did a fantastic job and you can tell it was a labor of love despite what anybody else says.

3. Battlestar Galactica - "Daybreaker Part 2" There pretty much is no such thing as a bad episode of BSG, however the show is hard to watch sometimes.  It can be a bleak ass show and was certainly a tough journey as a fan sometimes.  This finale made everything worth it.  A perfect ending, giving us the closure we desired as loyal viewers. 

2. Supernatural - "The End" a look into a seemingly hopeless future for the Winchester boys.  It's been a bit of a bipolar season in the best way possible and this one managed to be very enjoyable while also kicking us viewers in the balls, keep up the good work.

1. Dollhouse "Epitaph part 1"  yes technically FOX never aired this episode but it was made for TV so it fucking counts.  For those of you who jumped ship on this show or never bothered to give it a chance I beg you to try it, it only gets better.

                                          10 Best Movies of the Year

10. Watchmen - it had flaws...a lot of then...really big ones...still enjoyable though.

9. The Hangover - not as dumb as it looks, give it a chance

8 Star Trek - maybe I liked it because I know nothing about Star Trek, but it was shiny and fun

7. Paranormal Activity - kicked Blair Witch's ass.  Just affective as hell, terrifying me with just some flashing lights and creaking doors.  I suggest watching it at night in your house if you can take it, I guarantee you'll flinch every time your house creeks.

6. Pirate Radio - I'm a sucker for movies about rock and roll, and this one had Jack Davenport so I was in from the start.  Not sure if somebody who wasn't really into music would understand the passion of the characters but as a rock fan I had a ball.

5. ZombielandFUCKING BAD ASS!  People keep comparing it to Shaun of the Dead but it's different.  Shaun was a zombie movie with comedy, this is a comedy with zombies.  You have likable characters you actually root for and who aren't idiots, a rarity in horror films that's for sure.  Even if you're not into zombies I would still say check it out for the awesome.

4. Sherlock Holmes - I LOVE Robert Downy Jr, ever since I saw Wonder Boys in middle school so I was pretty psyched for this and it didn't disappoint.  

3. Inglorius Bastards - Quinten's AU of ww2, fucking awesome.  I went in thinking it would be a nazisploitation film and it kind of was but I figured it would be a lot of the Basterds  killing bitches really violently.  It was a lot classier than expected, and really amazingly good.  The villain of the film gave me chills, I can only hope he gets recognized by the academy...but I doubt it.

2. Where the Wild Things Are - a beautiful display of child logic and what it's like to be a weird little kid with a big imagination.  This was also the only movie this year that managed to squeeze a few tears out of me.

1. District 9 - I know some people have problems with this movie but I just thought it was fantastic.  I usually don't go in for the action movies, this one was different though.  Plus Sharlto Copley was insanely brilliant, especially having never acted before.

                                       10 Worst Movies of the Decade

10. Thir13een Ghosts - This is an awful movie but it's 10 because it holds a special place in my heart as being the first horror film I saw all the way through.  It gave menightmares but I survived, though I wasn't sure if I was more afraid of the scary ghosts or the ridiculous dialogue being delivered flatly.

9. Superman Returns - this is one of those magical kind of movies I hate more and more as time passes.  When I first saw it I had a vague understanding of Superman and just thought I must not get the movie because I thought it was weird and stupid.  As I read more and more of the comics I realize my first assumption was correct, this was fucking retarded...Kevin Spacey was good though.

8. Brokeback Mountain - I may get shit for this but I think if you're honest with yourself you'll realize this is crazy overrated.  Yes, it looks very pretty and the acting is ok but it's fucking boring and not that well written.  Come on, I've seen better movies created for LOGO.  Next time don't try so damn hard.

7. My Bloody Valentine 3-D - still haven't seen the original so I can;t compare it, all I can say is that I fell asleep in this movie.  It stars one of my favorite people (Jensen Ackles) and is full of blood, gore, and tits plus it's 3-d...and I fell asleep.  That's pretty much all I can say about it.

6. AI Artificial Intelligence - I can look at this and see a lot of effort was put into it and everybody was really trying their best, it was still incredibly depressing and after two hours I just didn't want to see this weird little robot boy get jerked around anymore. 

5. Monkeybone - this fucking movie gave me nightmares for months!  I saw it with my two best friends at the time thinking it would be a weird fun movie.  It wasdefinitely weird but lacking in the area of fun.  Fucking creepy and incredibly pointless

4. Elephant - can I just say fuck Gus Van Sant?  I like artsy bullshit movies as much as the next guy, in fact more so when I saw this movie but his shit is so pretentious and boring.  I was fresh off of seeing Ben Foster's Bang Bang You're Dead and Chumscrubber and was looking forward to seeing a film examine the touchy subject of school shootings.  Sadly all I got was never ending traveling shots as dollys stalked kids through the halls of a highschool.  When violence finally did occur they had spent no time developing anybody so I honestly couldn't tell you even one character's name and didn't give two shits if they got blown away or not, as long as the movie ended.

3. Albino Farm - never heard of it?  There's a fucking reason!  Well to be honest this is just one in a never ending sea of worthless horror films that get straight to DVD releases and end up crossing my path when I do stuff like the horror film challenge.  It wasn't the only bad movie I saw during that month but it was most certainly the worst.  They managed to take the simple kids on a roadtrip end up in a town of deformed hicks plotline we all know and love and fucked it up beyond recognition.

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - see my previous rant about this film, it's so shitty it got it's own post.

1. Napoleon Dynamite - this piece of dogshit plagued me through highschool,  I was way into indie films so I caught this in a small theater before any hype began and thought it was awful, almost walked out and I NEVER do that.  Coming out of it I figured it was just a really really shitty movie I saw and nothing would ever come of it...then the madness began.  EVERYBODY FUCKING LOVED IT!  Not just people, people I really respected as far as their opinions on film went thought it was genius.  Really?  Nothing happens the entire film, nobody is likable and there is nothingredeemable to be found,  I was upset about how much I hated it, I felt left out and actually tried to rewatch and force myself to like it.  Nothing could get me to like this bowel movement of an excuse for a movie.

                                                            25 Best Movies of the Decade

25. Peter Pan - this whole list will obviously be very opinion based, this choice especially.  I am obsessed with the story of Peter Pan and it was amazing to finally see a film adaptation that was closer to the book I grew up loving.  I wasn't really a huge fan of the Pan in the film but I loved the Wendy, Hook, and it had a greatportrayal of my favorite lost boy Slightly.

24. Ratatouille - couldn't decided between this and The Incredibles but the Patton Oswalt factor finally tipped this over the scales.  It looked amazing and was clever like all the the Pixar film and had a great message to go along with it. 

23. Love Actually - this is one of the movies my family and I watch every year at Christmas.  At times it can be a bit corny but it is also one of the sweetest, mostromantic movies I have seen and I am a fucking chick so I can have one chick flick on this list.

22. Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium - This is a bit of a weird choice and I don't think many people have even seen this but it is one of the best children's films I have seen in a LONG time.  It's got the same childlike wonder as the good version of Willy Wonka plus it does a great job teaching kids how to deal with things like death and believing in yourself.  This could be the preschool teacher in my coming out but I just really thought this was a beautiful movie,albeit silly.

21. Rise of Leslie Vernon: Behind the Mask - this movie had some slight flaws but holy shit was it fun.  Watch as a documentary team follow a wanna be serial killer in a world where masked killers such as Michael and Jason are not only real but a possible career choice.  With the added addition of having a Robert England cameo it the equivalent of a giant arm reaching through the screen and jerking off every slasher movie fan out there.

20. The Strangers - I guess some people really didn't like this but I found it VERY affective as a simple yet terrifying home invasion story.

19. Return of the King - was forced to watch Fellowship against my will in Creative Writing class and ended up really enjoying it, finally saw the others and this one was for sure my favorite.  Despite the fact that I'm a Harry Potter fan I'm not very into fantasy movies so I was always weary of these.  With huge stories like these I tend to just pick one character to really invest in and root for and back when I saw Fellowship the one I fell for was Pippin.  In this film he really gets to come into his own in a big bad I think they're a mountain somewhere in there.

18. Shaun of the Dead - first horror film I saw all the way through in a theater and fell in love.  I was already a HUGE Dylan Moran fan because I was one of the few that managed to catch Black Books when it played one on Comedy Central in the middle of the night so i really went to see this for him, then I was introduced to Simon Pegg and it was love.

17. The Departed - intense flick with AMAZING acting, plus it finally gave Scorses the oscar he's deserved many times over.

16. Sherlock Holmes

15. Iron Man - I am a DC girl and with very few exception can't stand Marvel characters, but it was Robert Downey Jr so there I was.  They managed to make him cool after some of the raping the character of Iron Man had been getting in the comic world.  They updated his origin very well and made you root for a questionable but charming super hero I could get behind.  In my opinion it was far superior to Dark Knight.

14. Milk - this movie got a few tears out of me.  It managed to make me feel proud to be gay, and depressed to realize that not much has changed since that movie took place, people are still afraid of us.

13. Good Night & Good Luck - filled up with fantastic actors in a perfect simple story about Edward R Murrow.  Even if you aren't familiar with the man I highlyrecommend the film.

12. Across the Universe - this is really just a series of music videos vaguely strung together, and I saw it 7 times in theaters.  It just boils down to the fact that it's pretty to watch and I love the Beatles.

11. Inglorious Basterds

10. Pan's Labyrinth - a breath-taking dark fairy tale and a gritty war movie had a baby and it was directed by the guy who did Hellboy, have fun.

9. High Fidelity - John Cusack plays such a likable dick dealing with looking back at what has gone wrong in his love life since it started back in junior high.

8. Where the Wild Things Are

7. District 9

6. Clerks 2 - means the world to me.  My old best friend and I bonded over Kevin Smith films, I was the Randal to her Dante.  The last thing we did together the day before she went to New York to go to art school was see this movie and it very muchparalleled how we felt about our current situation in life, and I have a huge crush on Rosario Dawson.

5. Grindhouse - I can't even call this just a movie, it's an experience and it's over three hours long but the minute it was over I wanted them to start it again.  Planet terror perfectly showed those over the time Grindhouse gore fests, complete with burn marks on the film and poor editing that randomly skipped scenes.  The trailers in between the two films killed me because I love to sit on youtube and watch old horror trailers, these were perfect.  Death Proof was just a work of genius, plus it had Rosario Dawson

4. KIss Kiss (Bang Bang) - I am so sad this movie didn't do well but holy fuck does it rock.  I don't want to get into the plot but if you like Robert Downey Jr, really funny dialogue, and noir-ish mysteries go find it immediately.

3. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind - a gorgeous looking film, watch the movie keep in mind there is not CGI used.  Gondry pulls off all of the shots they get with clever editing tricks.  Plus Jim Carey manages to be subtle and it's written by Charlie Kaufman so you know it's at least going to be interesting.

2. Serenity - the ultimate fandom movie.  The fans were crushed when Firefly got taken from us but they more than made up for it with this fantastic movie.  It's my favorite sci fi film I've ever seen and also one of my favorite movies ever.

1. Almost Famous - this is a completely biased choice and I'm totally cool with that.  I can watch this movie multiple times in a day and never be sick of it, it is indeed my favorite movie ever.  I saw this with my dad back in the days where we would stay up really late on weekends and he would play classic rock for me, explaining the meanings behind the songs and the climate they were written in.  When this movie came out my Dad was so happy to show me a film of the world he grew up living and I really loved watching it.  It has one of the best soundtracks around and is a great watch even if you're not that into music, it's just a movie about trying to get into the world of what you love.
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