lady_entropy17 (lady_entropy17) wrote,

Christmas Gifts

Ok, let's try to make this as painless as possible. I'm getting people gifts, that doesn't mean you have to give me gifts so don't think I'll be pissed if you don't. I like getting people things, finding that thing they didn't know they needed but now they have it, it makes me happy. I know some people freak when you hand them something and they didn't know it was coming so here are the people I can affords to get gifts for:

Amy H
Amy D

If you're not on the list I'm sorry, doesn't mean I don't love you or value your friendship, just means either we don't see each other ever or I just don't have the cash. If people want me to post a list of things I would like I will.

Rei, please post a list cause everytime I think of something for you I realize you own it.

Steven please post something. I know you don't so much like posting lists, you can be vague just give me a clue. You are usually the easiest to find something for but this year I just can't find anything that feels right. I know I'm not going to attempt to buy comics for you but I'd like to find something you would really dig
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