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REALLY late comic con report part one: Supernatural

Decided to break my comic con report into spn related and non, so I could post a link to it on some of the spn related coms.  Will do the rest later.

.So this was my 4th or 5th comic con but I missed last year so I was unaware of the new bag system.  For those of you who have never been, when you get there you get your badge, a schedule, a promotional book, maybe a free comic, and a big ass bag to put them in.  It used to just be a plain bag but I guess starting last year they have ones for different shows and games!  I got there kind of late so most were gone but they still had Fringe, Batman: Arkham City, and Supernatural!  It was the season six promo photo which I’m not a super fan of but my friend already promised I could have her Batman bag so I thought screw it and picked up one of the last bags of the boys to carry my stuff in. 

Now I figured, this being comic con, people would be trading bags and all but some of these chicks were freakin scary.  I don’t know, I was wearing my Justice League shirt I think, I kept stopping to look at horror movie bootlegs, maybe they didn’t think I was a fan for some reason?  But they kept asking and one chick actually grabbed the bag, started to pull, and said “you don’t want this right?”  Bitch get off my bag!

Now I also got another reaction from the bag, a few guys I randomly started talking to in the hall about comic books looked at it and said “you don’t really like that show, do you?”  I asked if they had seen it and they said no, it was a chick show.  I went on to explain just how scary and manly and badass the show was and got them to agree to watch the first couple eps.  Let’s hope they liked it.

 So the next couple days were pretty spn free, mostly filled with going to the Nerd HQ.  A word for people who ever want to go to comic con, it’s kind of hell…especially if you aren’t a big crowd fan.  However, you can go and see some amazing panels without buying a ticket to Con.  The Nerd HQ is this thing Zachary Levi (chuck from chuck) set up and it’s freakin awesome.  Panels cost $20, it’s in a small room (less than 200 people) and you almost always get a guaranteed signing, plus the money goes to charity…you can’t go wrong.

Well I had found out Jared was doing one and despite my fears I bought a ticket for my friend and me.  We waited over night outside of stupid Hall H for the spn panel all Saturday night and then we were going to go to the Jared panel afterwards.  The panel schedule was GLEE, Supernatural, then Doctor Who.  I had been to an spn panel a few years ago, right before season four and had been kind of miserable.  For the most part the questions just revolved around how hot the boys were and that was about it, so I was scared.  I could not have been more wrong.

The Glee panel was fun, I got to see Darren Criss and I’m a big fan of his musicals so that was a bit awesome and the fans were fun.  Then the moment of truth, Jensen came on stage and everybody squeed as he introed the clip form ep three of this season which looks really good.  I don’t need to get into my issues with season six here, let’s just say I was not looking forward to this new one but the clip kind of rocked. 

Now onto the panel, the boys were charming as always, with Jared occasional chucking candy because…that’s what a Jared does.  I had seen Jim Beaver and Misha at Paleyfest earlier in the year but had never seen Mark Sheppard and I have to say I did squee a bit, I mean the dude has been in everything awesome.  I truly believe you are not a real scifi show until that dude shows up.  Ben Edlund was cool and Sera..look I’ve never met the lady, maybe she’s great but she always comes off kind of like a bitch.  I got nothing.

I would go over what they talked about, but I’m sure you all already know.  My favorite part was somebody asking about the ninja stars in the trunk and why they never use them and the boys freaking out.  Jensen mentioned there was a grenades launcher too which would be kick ass, but may lead to shorter episodes.

Vampire:  You’re dead hunters!

Dean:  That a fact? *fires grenade launcher*

Vampire:  *explodes*

*inserts ACDC followed by credits*

So yeah it’s a tad short but come on…that would rock.  People asked really cool questions, no wincest mentioning (I’m not bashing, it’s cool if you’re a fan but it just seems to make them uncomfortable) and everything was really fun.  I had high hopes for the Jared panel, then I went into the bathroom.  

While I was washing my hands I saw a chick in a supernatural shirt and asked her how she liked the panel.  She freaked but then said how sad she was that she didn’t get to go to the Jared thing at nerd HQ.  I mentioned I had gotten tickets and that they sold out really quick and we briefly talked about the previous panels I had been to there (Felcia Day and Seth Green).  Then a very weird conversation followed, and these are direct quotes because I’m not about to forget this.

Girl:  Wow I don’t know what I’d do being that close to Jared, I would freak.

Me: Yeah, I think I’ll be okay though.

Girl:  I mean he’s sooo hot.

Me:  Yeah, I guess he’s prety handsome.

Girl:  You GUESS?!

Me:  Well..I mean…I’m gay.  Not so much looking at the boys, now if I was in front of Lisa or Anna I might have a problem.

Girl: Oh…..well….then why are you going?

Me:  Excuse me?

Girl:  I mean, do you think it’s fair that you get to go?  I mean you can’t really appreciate it.

At this point I just kind of stared at her, made some confused comment about really loving the show, and she shrugged and left.  It took me a few minutes to truly figure out how screwed up this was, I was in shock for a minute.  So is that the new rule?  Only girls who drool over Sam and Dean have a right to be fans?  I mean, I was introduced to this show by a straight guy who showed it to me because I liked Buffy and horror films.  I know that this is not a normal fan, this was a bitch who would have been a bitch if she loved Supernatural or American Idol, but it made me a little nervous about the panel.

So my bff Amy and I went over to Nerd HQ and Zachary Levi intro’d the panel as he had done all weekend, and can I just say how much I love him?  I mean I’m a Chuck fan and this guy literally could not have been sweeter.  He hung out, stopped to talk and take pics with everybody, played videogames with people, just could not have been a cooler man. 

So this giant man introduces the even bigger Jared and he comes out and he’s huge and has hair like Jesus and Amy and I are freaked it’s gonna be  a bunch of rabid fan girls and again, holy shit was that fun.  It was so chill and comfortable, if Supernatural cons are like this I may seriously have to think about going to one.  The questions ranged all over the place, somebody even asked about Gilmore Girls which I think caught him a bit off guard.  Also every time his wife was mentioned Amy and I would squee and he would shout “you can’t have her, I bought her!” which made me laugh.  So the panel was blast and afterwards I got my season one dvd signed and did a little happy dance.  

It’s funny, I get a little nervous every time I talk to a celeb, even if it isn’t a huge one or I’m a friendly acquaintance with them I still get a little nervous.  Not Jared though, he’s just like a giant puppy, it’s true.  So yeah,  that’s all my spn related comic con tales, will post other tales soonC
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