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Ok I am a huge horror fan but have only been watching horror movies for the last couple years, I used to kind of be afraid of everything.  Because of that I've seen some ass random movies but have never seen some of the major classics.  This year I plan on fixing that along with watching some new random ones and some old favorites.

Bold - never seen it

1. The Exorcist  got to see it in theaters which was fucking epic, managed to completely live up to all the hype, a new favorite
2. Dawn of the Dead still liked night a bit more but this was so awesome
3. WILD CARD: Supernatural "Two and a Half Men"  a fun new take on the shapeshifters we've seen in the show before, also dean + baby = cuteness

4. Behind the Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon
5. Child's Play scared me a LOT more than I thought it would
6. Trick R Treat I fucking LOVED this movie!!  And those werewolf girls....guh!

7. Nightmare on Elm Street
8. How to Be a Serial Killer

9. The Hamiltons
10. Child's Play 2 pretty good, felt so damn bad for that kid!
11. Child's Play 3 ok....that was kinda retarded
12. Bride of Chucky
13. Seed of Chucky
14. Idle Hands dumb but funny

15. Interview With A Vampire (I HATE this movie)
16. Opera thought it was beautiful
17. Wait Until Dark
18. The Signal thought it was brilliant
19. Slither

20. Burning Bright  STUPID
21. Mum & Dad very disturbing but interesting
22. From Dusk Till Dawn
23. Troll 2  Dumb and awesome

24. Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2
25. Nightmare on Elm St 3 surprised by how much I enjoyed this, really cool concept
26. Nightmare on Elm St 4 ok guys...getting kinda stupid.  Still had some nice moments
27. Nightmare on Elm St 5 weeeeee who knew the length of a shark was such a short jump
28. Freddy's Dead  pretty boring but I actually enjoyed some freddy background
29. New Nightmare REALLY interesting concept, thank you Wes for coming back!

30. Saw
31. Tony pretty good, felt like an English Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.  A little slow at times but yeah, good
32. WILD CARD: Supernatural: "The Third Man" was nice to see people we miss returning but over all it wasn't great.  It was an episode to set up future story lines
33. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

34. Hand That Rocks the Cradle
35. Sleepy Hollow
36. Ginger Snaps
37. Lost Boys

38. Something to Scream About shitty doc
39. ZA: Zombies Anonymous good concept, ok execution.  Decent low budget zombie flick
40. Snuff doc    why do I watch this?  It bothers me every time
41. Ginger Snaps 2
42. Ginger Snaps 3
43. The Hitcher pretty good, very intense
44. Hostel
45. Hostel part 2
46. May
47. Murder Party
48. Deadgirl
49. Psycho I've never watched this all the way through in one sitting.  Never liked it before but seeing it all together it was really fantastic

50. Death Proof
51. Shaun of the Dead
52. Home Movies really good, don't know why I'd never heard of it before
53. Last House on Dead End Street  well.....that was fucking weird

54. The Stepfather (original)
55. Freaks
56. The Locals not great but pretty decent, fun twist
57. Society not bad but...what the fuck did I just watch?  I think the noise I hear is my eyes screaming

58. The Craft
59. Saw 4 ok
60. Saw 5 lame
61. Saw 6 retarded
62. Parents actually kinda cool, interesting to see Randy Quaid in this kind of role

63. Army of Darkness
64. Monster Squad it was so special, I love that little kid so damn much

65. Machete This movie was so fucking epic I nearly came in my pants
66. Freak Out
67. Paranormal Activity

68. Vampyr
69. WILD CARD: Supernatural ep "Weekend at Bobby's" new addition to top 10 favorite episodes!!
70. The Howling 2

71. Flesh, TX stupid

72. Night of the Living Dead
73. Sleepaway Camp ridiculous but actually pretty damn fun
74. House of 1000 Corpses
75. The Devil's Rejects
76. The Girl Next Door

77. Carrie
78. Wolf Creek surprising and effective, that Aussie was fucking terrifying
79. Inside Story: Elm Street Legacy part 1
80. Live Animals actually done pretty well.  It was cheap and the acting was eh but it had very cool moments

81. Special Dead I have no idea why I'm surprised that this was retarded
82. Inside Story: Elm Street Legacy Part 2
83. Jacob's Ladder VERY interesting with great acting and a baby Lewis Black

84. Slumber Party Massacre pretty dumb but that was kind of the point, it was fun
85. Puppy a lot better and more interesting than I expected
86. WILDCARD: Supernatural ep "Live Free or Twihard" hilarious twilight bashing, also pain

87. Paranormal Activity 2 REALLY great sequel.  Not as good as the first but still brilliant.  Scary as hell and fit very very well with the first
88. From Hell
89. Friday the 13th It was ok
90. Cannibal somehow managed to be one of the most graphic films I've ever seen while also being one of the most boring

91. Fridaythe 13th Part 2 getting bored with this series already
92. Friday the 13th Final Chapter I don't think I like slasher films cause these are boring.  I prefer Freddy with the psychological stuff
93. Freddy vs Jason soooo fun
94. Cheap
95. Little Monsters

96. Going to Pieces: Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film
97. Videodrome weird as all hell and cool
98. Peeping Tom very intense, great acting
99. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 this was just.....silly, but such a fun watch
100. Dead & Buried pretty good, and baby Robert Englund

101. Horror Business
102. The Others
103. Rocky Horror Picture Show
104. Last House on the Left
105. Jack Ketchum's The Lost a little over the top, Girl Next Door was better

106. The Shinning yup, never seen it and it lived up to all the hype
107. The Strangers
108. Evil Dead Trap haven't seen much Japanese horror but all the ones I've seen seem to have ass random endings
109. Otis pretty fun, a little weird but enjoyable

110. Hard Candy
111. Shivers insane
112. 13 Ghosts
113. Grace heartbreaking and pretty effective, the flies made my skin crawl
114. The Other pretty good
115. House of Wax STUPID and Jared looked like such a pussy...which was pretty entertaining to see

116. Halloween
117. WILDCARD: Supernatural ep: "You Can't Handle the Truth"  so sad to watch, broke my heart


118.Fright Night
119. Blair Witch Project
120. Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde
121. Repo! the Genetic Opera

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