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lady_entropy17's Journal
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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013
11:03 am
2.Nightmare Before Christmas
3. Psycho

6.Don't Look Under the Bed
9.Halloweentown 2
10.Halloweentown High
11.Return to Halloweentown

13.Hotel Transylvania
14.House of 1000 Corpses
15.Devil's Rejects
16.Fright Night
17.Last Exorcism
18.Girl Next Door

20.Twitches Too
23.Hocus Pocus
24.Cannibal the Musical

25. The Stepfather
26.Behind the Mask
27.Ban the Sadist Videos
28.Sleepy Hollow

29.Addams Family

30.Addams Family Values
31.Halloween remake
32.Going to Pieces

33.Corpse Bride
34.Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue
35.Rosemary's Baby
36.How to Be a Serial Killer
37. WILDCARD: Supernatural 9x01

38.Murder Party
39.Best Worst Movie
40.From Dusk Till Dawn
41.WILDCARD: American Horror Story: Coven
42.From Hell

44.Child's Play
45.Black Christmas

46.Red State

47.Ginger Snaps
48.Ginger Snaps 2
49.Ginger Snaps 3

50.The Orphan
51.Lords of Salem
52.Curse of Chucky

53.Cry Wolf
54.WILDCARD: Supernatural 9x02
55.Friday the 13th

56.Teen Witch
57.Lost Boys
58.Queen of the Damned
59.Near Dark

60.Poughkeepsie Tapes
61.Paranormal Activity
62.Paranormal Activity 2

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014
1:14 am
Ready to do it again

1. From Dusk Till Dawn
2. Red State
3. Blair Witch Project
4. Fido
5. Devil
6. Horns

7. Scream

8. Cabin in the Woods
9. How to be a Serial Killer
10. Tamara

11.Carrie remake

12.The Sacrement
13. Carrie
14. The Frighteners

15. Blood and Chocolate
16. Addams Family
17. Nightmare Before Christmas
18. The Last Exorcism
19. Cursed

20. Rosemary's Baby
21. The Darkroom
22. Braindead
23. Girl Next Door

24. Paranorman
25. Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue
26. Ginger Snaps
27. Ginger Snaps 2
28. *WILDCARD* Supernatural 10x1
29. Tucker and Dale vs Evil

30. Never Sleep Again
31. *WILDCARD* American Horror Story Freakshow ep 1

32. Hellraiser
33. Vampire Diary
34. Nightmare on Elm Street
35. Silence of the Lambs

36. American Psycho
37. Nightmare on Elm Street 2
38. Sleepy Hollow

39. Coraline
40. Fright Night

41. Little Shop of Horrors

42. Night of the Living Dead

43. Day of the Dead
44. Doc of the Dead
45. Supernatural 10x2
46. American Horror Story: Freak show episode 2

47. Lost Boys

48. The Signal

49. Murder Party
50. The Ring

51. Sweeny Todd

52. Wicker Man remake

53. Monster Squad
54. The Others
55. House of 1000 Corpses
56. Devil's Rejects
57. Zombieland
58. Children of the Corn
59. *WILDCARD* American Horror Story Freakshow ep 3
60. Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer

61. Serpent and the Rainbow

62. Re-Animator
63. The Stepfather
64. Paranormal Activity
65. Paranormal Activity 2
66. Paranormal Activity 3

67. Dawn of the Dead re-make

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012
4:43 am
Horror challenge 2012 List
So excited to do this again! Don't know if I'll complete it this year be because of work, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

1.Nightmare Before Christmas
2. Planet Terror
3. From Dusk Till Dawn
4. House of 1000 Corpses
5. Devil's Rejects
6. Red State

7. Frankenstein
8. Psycho
9. Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon
10. Creature from the Black Lagoon

11. Tamara
12. Nightmares in red, white, and blue
13. Hotel transylvania
14. Wicker man

15. Dracula
16. Cabin in the Woods
17. Don't be Afraid of the Dark
18. Death Proof
19. The Good Witch

20. Cabin Fever 
21. Near Dark
22. The Last Exorcism
23. Fido

24. WILDCARD:  Supernatural "We Need to Talk About Kevin"
25. The others

26. Freddy vs Jason

Monday, January 16th, 2012
10:15 pm
Disney Reviews: Snow White

My best friend Amy and I decided we were going to watch all of the Disney movies in order and decided to start recording little reviews of them, hope ya like them.

Warning: Strong language, sexual references, and we record in the middle of the night so we may ramble a bit.
Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
12:37 am
DVD Collection
Yeah I got bored, decided to post them. I am a collector, and I collect some really messed up movies just cause, I'm not out to offend anybody with some of these titles just posting my collection. As a collector I know there are an embarrassing amount of DVDs I own I've never seen so I'm gonna * those ones.  I know some are missing, probably hiding under my bed or loaned out to people but this was what I had on hand.

Monday, October 31st, 2011
9:35 pm
Horror List 2011
Ok my entire list was somehow deleted so now at 9:30 on Halloween night I've managed to scrounge up everything I watched. Thank God I wrote a lot of them down. So yeah, what was a nice organized list is now just kind of a big mess, oh well.

bold = never seen it

1. Slither
2. Freaks
3. Freddy's Dead
4. New Nightmare
5. Best Worst Movie
6. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
7. Fido
8. Borderland
9. Criminally Insane
10. Crazy Fat Ethel prt 2
11. Toolbox Murders
12. Driller Killer

13. Repo the Genetic Opera
14. Never Sleep Again
15. Poughkeepsie Tapes
16. Video Nasties
17. Going To Pieces
18. The Craft
19. Scream
20. Paranormal Activity
21. Paranormal Activity 2
22. Paranormal Activity 3
23. Halloween re-make
24. From Dusk Till Dawn
25. Psycho
26. Psycho 2
27. Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer
28. Wicked
29. Gossip
30. Nightmare Before Chirstmas
31. Lost boys
32. Death Proof
33. Frankenstein
34. Devil
35. Day of the Dead
36. Land of the Dead
37. Last Exorcism
38. Behind the Mask
39. Planet Terror
40. Hostel
41. Hostel Prt 2
42. Hamilton
43. House of 1000 Corpses
44. Devil's Rejects
45. 30 Days in Hell
46. The Fly
47. Murder Party
48. Young Frankenstein
49. The Stepfather
50. Twilight Rifftrax
51. Zombieland
52. Donnie Darko
53. Video Violence
54. Video Violence 2

55. Nightmare on Elm St re-make
56. Shaun of the Dead
57. Omen
58. Omen 2
59. Omen 3
60. Omen 4
61. Omen re-make
62. Christine
64. Once Bitten
65. My Best Friend is a Vampire
66. Scanners
67. The Baby
68. The Brood

69. Queen of the Damned
70. Interview with a Vampire
71. I Spit on Your Grave
72. Black Christmas (06)
73. Exorcism of Emily Rose
74. Last House on the Left (09)
75. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3
76. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4
77. Texas Chainsaw Massacre re-make
78. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

79. Bordello of Blood
80. Eden Lake
81. Friday the 13th (09)
82. My Bloody Valentine 3D
. House of Wax
84. Cape Fear re-make
85. Martyrs
86. Dark Half
87. Serpent and the Rainbow
88. Reflecting Skin

89. Cannibal the Musical
90. Troll 2
91. Suck
92. Swim Fan

93. Corpse Bride
94. Tamara
95. Horror Business
96. Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue
97. Alexandra's Project

98. Life Blood
9. WILDCARD: Supernatural 703 "The Girl Next Door"
. Dracula 2000
101 Thirst
102 Dracula
103 White Zombie
104 Wolf Man
105 The Howling
106 Unborn but Forgotten
Freak Out
108 WILDCARD 704 "Defending Your Life"
109. Mother's Day
110 The Burning
111 Maniac
112 Raising Jeffrey Dahmer
113 Ted Bundy
114 Serial Killer 101
115 His Name Was Jason
116 Saw: The Final Chapter
117 American Grindhouse

118 Cabinet of Dr Caligari
119 Red State
120 Village of the Damned
121 WILDCARD 705 "Shut Up Dr Phil"
122 Ahh!  Zombies

123 Jacob's Ladder
124 Fright Night
125 In the Company of Wolves
126 Dead Zone
127 WILDCARD 706 "Slash Fiction"

128 Sweeny Todd
129 Near Dark
130 Cry Wolf
131 Hills Run Red
132 Midnight Meat Train
133 Shadow of the Vampire
Halloween Wars Finale
135 Scooby Doo &the Goblin King

136 Otto up with Dead People
137 Casper
138 We Are as We Are
139 Twitches
140 The Happening
141 Coraline
142 Halloween
143 Adams Family Values
144 Cheap
145 Wicker Man
146 Witches
147 The Girl Next Door
148 Zombie
149 Beetlejuice
150 The Loved Ones
151 Home Movies
152 Practical Magick
153 Hocus  Pocus
154 Trick R Treat

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011
2:31 pm
REALLY late comic con report part one: Supernatural
Decided to break my comic con report into spn related and non, so I could post a link to it on some of the spn related coms.  Will do the rest later.

.So this was my 4th or 5th comic con but I missed last year so I was unaware of the new bag system.  For those of you who have never been, when you get there you get your badge, a schedule, a promotional book, maybe a free comic, and a big ass bag to put them in.  It used to just be a plain bag but I guess starting last year they have ones for different shows and games!  I got there kind of late so most were gone but they still had Fringe, Batman: Arkham City, and Supernatural!  It was the season six promo photo which I’m not a super fan of but my friend already promised I could have her Batman bag so I thought screw it and picked up one of the last bags of the boys to carry my stuff in. 

Now I figured, this being comic con, people would be trading bags and all but some of these chicks were freakin scary.  I don’t know, I was wearing my Justice League shirt I think, I kept stopping to look at horror movie bootlegs, maybe they didn’t think I was a fan for some reason?  But they kept asking and one chick actually grabbed the bag, started to pull, and said “you don’t want this right?”  Bitch get off my bag!

Now I also got another reaction from the bag, a few guys I randomly started talking to in the hall about comic books looked at it and said “you don’t really like that show, do you?”  I asked if they had seen it and they said no, it was a chick show.  I went on to explain just how scary and manly and badass the show was and got them to agree to watch the first couple eps.  Let’s hope they liked it.

 So the next couple days were pretty spn free, mostly filled with going to the Nerd HQ.  A word for people who ever want to go to comic con, it’s kind of hell…especially if you aren’t a big crowd fan.  However, you can go and see some amazing panels without buying a ticket to Con.  The Nerd HQ is this thing Zachary Levi (chuck from chuck) set up and it’s freakin awesome.  Panels cost $20, it’s in a small room (less than 200 people) and you almost always get a guaranteed signing, plus the money goes to charity…you can’t go wrong.

Well I had found out Jared was doing one and despite my fears I bought a ticket for my friend and me.  We waited over night outside of stupid Hall H for the spn panel all Saturday night and then we were going to go to the Jared panel afterwards.  The panel schedule was GLEE, Supernatural, then Doctor Who.  I had been to an spn panel a few years ago, right before season four and had been kind of miserable.  For the most part the questions just revolved around how hot the boys were and that was about it, so I was scared.  I could not have been more wrong.

The Glee panel was fun, I got to see Darren Criss and I’m a big fan of his musicals so that was a bit awesome and the fans were fun.  Then the moment of truth, Jensen came on stage and everybody squeed as he introed the clip form ep three of this season which looks really good.  I don’t need to get into my issues with season six here, let’s just say I was not looking forward to this new one but the clip kind of rocked. 

Now onto the panel, the boys were charming as always, with Jared occasional chucking candy because…that’s what a Jared does.  I had seen Jim Beaver and Misha at Paleyfest earlier in the year but had never seen Mark Sheppard and I have to say I did squee a bit, I mean the dude has been in everything awesome.  I truly believe you are not a real scifi show until that dude shows up.  Ben Edlund was cool and Sera..look I’ve never met the lady, maybe she’s great but she always comes off kind of like a bitch.  I got nothing.

I would go over what they talked about, but I’m sure you all already know.  My favorite part was somebody asking about the ninja stars in the trunk and why they never use them and the boys freaking out.  Jensen mentioned there was a grenades launcher too which would be kick ass, but may lead to shorter episodes.

Vampire:  You’re dead hunters!

Dean:  That a fact? *fires grenade launcher*

Vampire:  *explodes*

*inserts ACDC followed by credits*

So yeah it’s a tad short but come on…that would rock.  People asked really cool questions, no wincest mentioning (I’m not bashing, it’s cool if you’re a fan but it just seems to make them uncomfortable) and everything was really fun.  I had high hopes for the Jared panel, then I went into the bathroom.  

While I was washing my hands I saw a chick in a supernatural shirt and asked her how she liked the panel.  She freaked but then said how sad she was that she didn’t get to go to the Jared thing at nerd HQ.  I mentioned I had gotten tickets and that they sold out really quick and we briefly talked about the previous panels I had been to there (Felcia Day and Seth Green).  Then a very weird conversation followed, and these are direct quotes because I’m not about to forget this.

Girl:  Wow I don’t know what I’d do being that close to Jared, I would freak.

Me: Yeah, I think I’ll be okay though.

Girl:  I mean he’s sooo hot.

Me:  Yeah, I guess he’s prety handsome.

Girl:  You GUESS?!

Me:  Well..I mean…I’m gay.  Not so much looking at the boys, now if I was in front of Lisa or Anna I might have a problem.

Girl: Oh…..well….then why are you going?

Me:  Excuse me?

Girl:  I mean, do you think it’s fair that you get to go?  I mean you can’t really appreciate it.

At this point I just kind of stared at her, made some confused comment about really loving the show, and she shrugged and left.  It took me a few minutes to truly figure out how screwed up this was, I was in shock for a minute.  So is that the new rule?  Only girls who drool over Sam and Dean have a right to be fans?  I mean, I was introduced to this show by a straight guy who showed it to me because I liked Buffy and horror films.  I know that this is not a normal fan, this was a bitch who would have been a bitch if she loved Supernatural or American Idol, but it made me a little nervous about the panel.

So my bff Amy and I went over to Nerd HQ and Zachary Levi intro’d the panel as he had done all weekend, and can I just say how much I love him?  I mean I’m a Chuck fan and this guy literally could not have been sweeter.  He hung out, stopped to talk and take pics with everybody, played videogames with people, just could not have been a cooler man. 

So this giant man introduces the even bigger Jared and he comes out and he’s huge and has hair like Jesus and Amy and I are freaked it’s gonna be  a bunch of rabid fan girls and again, holy shit was that fun.  It was so chill and comfortable, if Supernatural cons are like this I may seriously have to think about going to one.  The questions ranged all over the place, somebody even asked about Gilmore Girls which I think caught him a bit off guard.  Also every time his wife was mentioned Amy and I would squee and he would shout “you can’t have her, I bought her!” which made me laugh.  So the panel was blast and afterwards I got my season one dvd signed and did a little happy dance.  

It’s funny, I get a little nervous every time I talk to a celeb, even if it isn’t a huge one or I’m a friendly acquaintance with them I still get a little nervous.  Not Jared though, he’s just like a giant puppy, it’s true.  So yeah,  that’s all my spn related comic con tales, will post other tales soonC
Friday, June 3rd, 2011
1:48 pm
Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
4:43 pm
I know I havent posted on here in forever, I honestly just forget about it. I'm going to start posting more film reviews and want to get a blog up and running where I can considerate on specifically horror and exploitation films.

I'm actually going to start posting fic (gasp!) that my roommate and I have been working on, and I have a pirates 4 and supernatural finale review written....kinda...but I keep fucking with them. I doubt anybody cares I just figured I would let the world know I'm not dead, just spacey.
Sunday, October 31st, 2010
6:24 pm
Ok I am a huge horror fan but have only been watching horror movies for the last couple years, I used to kind of be afraid of everything.  Because of that I've seen some ass random movies but have never seen some of the major classics.  This year I plan on fixing that along with watching some new random ones and some old favorites.

Bold - never seen it

1. The Exorcist  got to see it in theaters which was fucking epic, managed to completely live up to all the hype, a new favorite
2. Dawn of the Dead still liked night a bit more but this was so awesome
3. WILD CARD: Supernatural "Two and a Half Men"  a fun new take on the shapeshifters we've seen in the show before, also dean + baby = cuteness

4. Behind the Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon
5. Child's Play scared me a LOT more than I thought it would
6. Trick R Treat I fucking LOVED this movie!!  And those werewolf girls....guh!

7. Nightmare on Elm Street
8. How to Be a Serial Killer

9. The Hamiltons
10. Child's Play 2 pretty good, felt so damn bad for that kid!
11. Child's Play 3 ok....that was kinda retarded
12. Bride of Chucky
13. Seed of Chucky
14. Idle Hands dumb but funny

15. Interview With A Vampire (I HATE this movie)
16. Opera thought it was beautiful
17. Wait Until Dark
18. The Signal thought it was brilliant
19. Slither

20. Burning Bright  STUPID
21. Mum & Dad very disturbing but interesting
22. From Dusk Till Dawn
23. Troll 2  Dumb and awesome

24. Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2
25. Nightmare on Elm St 3 surprised by how much I enjoyed this, really cool concept
26. Nightmare on Elm St 4 ok guys...getting kinda stupid.  Still had some nice moments
27. Nightmare on Elm St 5 weeeeee who knew the length of a shark was such a short jump
28. Freddy's Dead  pretty boring but I actually enjoyed some freddy background
29. New Nightmare REALLY interesting concept, thank you Wes for coming back!

30. Saw
31. Tony pretty good, felt like an English Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.  A little slow at times but yeah, good
32. WILD CARD: Supernatural: "The Third Man"umm...it was nice to see people we miss returning but over all it wasn't great.  It was an episode to set up future story lines
33. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

34. Hand That Rocks the Cradle
35. Sleepy Hollow
36. Ginger Snaps
37. Lost Boys

38. Something to Scream About shitty doc
39. ZA: Zombies Anonymous good concept, ok execution.  Decent low budget zombie flick
40. Snuff doc    why do I watch this?  It bothers me every time
41. Ginger Snaps 2
42. Ginger Snaps 3
43. The Hitcher pretty good, very intense
44. Hostel
45. Hostel part 2
46. May
47. Murder Party
48. Deadgirl
49. Psycho I've never watched this all the way through in one sitting.  Never liked it before but seeing it all together it was really fantastic

50. Death Proof
51. Shaun of the Dead
52. Home Movies really good, don't know why I'd never heard of it before
53. Last House on Dead End Street  well.....that was fucking weird

54. The Stepfather (original)
55. Freaks
56. The Locals not great but pretty decent, fun twist
57. Society not bad but...what the fuck did I just watch?  I think the noise I hear is my eyes screaming

58. The Craft
59. Saw 4 ok
60. Saw 5 lame
61. Saw 6 retarded
62. Parents actually kinda cool, interesting to see Randy Quaid in this kind of role

63. Army of Darkness
64. Monster Squad it was so special, I love that little kid so damn much

65. Machete This movie was so fucking epic I nearly came in my pants
66. Freak Out
67. Paranormal Activity

68. Vampyr
69. WILD CARD: Supernatural ep "Weekend at Bobby's" new addition to top 10 favorite episodes!!
70. The Howling 2

71. Flesh, TX stupid

72. Night of the Living Dead
73. Sleepaway Camp ridiculous but actually pretty damn fun
74. House of 1000 Corpses
75. The Devil's Rejects
76. The Girl Next Door

77. Carrie
78. Wolf Creek surprising and effective, that Aussie was fucking terrifying
79. Inside Story: Elm Street Legacy part 1
80. Live Animals actually done pretty well.  It was cheap and the acting was eh but it had very cool moments

81. Special Dead I have no idea why I'm surprised that this was retarded
82. Inside Story: Elm Street Legacy Part 2
83. Jacob's Ladder VERY interesting with great acting and a baby Lewis Black

84. Slumber Party Massacre pretty dumb but that was kind of the point, it was fun
85. Puppy a lot better and more interesting than I expected
86. WILDCARD: Supernatural ep "Live Free or Twihard" hilarious twilight bashing, also pain

87. Paranormal Activity 2 REALLY great sequel.  Not as good as the first but still brilliant.  Scary as hell and fit very very well with the first
88. From Hell
89. Friday the 13th It was ok
90. Cannibal somehow managed to be one of the most graphic films I've ever seen while also being one of the most boring

91. Fridaythe 13th Part 2 getting bored with this series already
92. Friday the 13th Final Chapter I don't think I like slasher films cause these are boring.  I prefer Freddy with the psychological stuff
93. Freddy vs Jason soooo fun
94. Cheap
95. Little Monsters

96. Going to Pieces: Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film
97. Videodrome weird as all hell and cool
98. Peeping Tom very intense, great acting
99. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 this was just.....silly, but such a fun watch
100. Dead & Buried pretty good, and baby Robert Englund

101. Horror Business
102. The Others
103. Rocky Horror Picture Show
104. Last House on the Left
105. Jack Ketchum's The Lost a little over the top, Girl Next Door was better

106. The Shinning yup, never seen it and it lived up to all the hype
107. The Strangers
108. Evil Dead Trap haven't seen much Japanese horror but all the ones I've seen seem to have ass random endings
109. Otis pretty fun, a little weird but enjoyable

110. Hard Candy
111. Shivers insane
112. 13 Ghosts
113. Grace heartbreaking and pretty effective, the flies made my skin crawl
114. The Other pretty good
115. House of Wax STUPID and Jared looked like such a pussy...which was pretty entertaining to see

116. Halloween
117. WILDCARD: Supernatural ep: "You Can't Handle the Truth"  so sad to watch, broke my heart


118.Fright Night
119. Blair Witch Project
120. Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde
121. Repo! the Genetic Opera

Friday, August 13th, 2010
3:33 pm
Birthday List
People wanted it so here ya go...

True Blood Season 2 DVD  

David Tennant's Hamlet

Kick Ass DVD

11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition VD

Freakazoid vol 2 DVD

Darkwing Duck vol 1 DVD

Tiny Toons vol 1 DVD

UMM....I don't know man you guys know what I like....that's how we've stayed friends.  I know I kind of suck to buy for because I have a shit ton of DVDs and comics but....ya know....whatever.  Just you being there works for me.
Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
3:48 pm
Birthday Party
That's right fuckers, it's my birthday again!  I'm turning 22 and I wanna hang with my friends.

When: August 21, time whenever....afternoon

Where:  My house.  My parents and my two annoying dogs will be there, sorry if that bugs you but I don't exactly have anywhere else to go so deal or offer a better place.

Why: Cause I rock

Theme:  None.  Costumes not necessary.  You can I guess if you really feel like it.

You guys know what's up.  Pizza, cake, drinking game.  I've been trying to think of a movie or something we could watch but to be honest all I wanna do is watch a scary movie so I'll just get that out with my brother. 

You want alcohol bring it, my house is pretty dry because of my dad.  This is a no drama party, anybody who brings any will get beaten in the face with a baseball bat by Sam Winchester. 

Umm.....I think that's it.  I hope everybody can come, rsvp here.  If anybody knows how to get a hold of Alix please invite her.  Presents aren't at all necessary but...ya know...I won't throw them away.
Monday, June 7th, 2010
1:05 am
Thursday, February 25th, 2010
12:41 am
Movie Journal: Shit I've watched so far this year
Decided I would start trying to keep a list of the movies I see each month.  It's already February so I'm just squeezing these two together.
Princess and The FrogCollapse )

Freak OutCollapse )

AvatarCollapse )

Battle RoyalCollapse )

3 ExtremesCollapse )
The Hills Run RedCollapse )

The Girl Next DoorCollapse )
An American CrimeCollapse )

Shutter IslandCollapse )

CheapCollapse )

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
12:49 pm
Monday, January 4th, 2010
12:22 pm
My Lists
Everybody is doing these silly lists and I wanna play too.  All of these are subjective, my opinion, blah blah blah

Mild spoilers for things I list and big surprise here, I get a bit ranty

           Best TV Eps of the YearCollapse )

                                         Best Movies of the YearCollapse )

                                     Worst Movies of the DecadeCollapse )Worst Movies of the YearCollapse )

                                                          Best Movies of the DecadeCollapse )
Saturday, December 5th, 2009
11:24 am
Christmas Gifts
Ok, let's try to make this as painless as possible. I'm getting people gifts, that doesn't mean you have to give me gifts so don't think I'll be pissed if you don't. I like getting people things, finding that thing they didn't know they needed but now they have it, it makes me happy. I know some people freak when you hand them something and they didn't know it was coming so here are the people I can affords to get gifts for:

Amy H
Amy D

If you're not on the list I'm sorry, doesn't mean I don't love you or value your friendship, just means either we don't see each other ever or I just don't have the cash. If people want me to post a list of things I would like I will.

Rei, please post a list cause everytime I think of something for you I realize you own it.

Steven please post something. I know you don't so much like posting lists, you can be vague just give me a clue. You are usually the easiest to find something for but this year I just can't find anything that feels right. I know I'm not going to attempt to buy comics for you but I'd like to find something you would really dig
Friday, November 6th, 2009
12:15 am
Thursday, October 8th, 2009
4:21 am
Decemberists concert
I have an extra ticket to the Decemberists concert on October 19th if anybody feels like going.  I know it's a Monday and that's hard for people to make but I figured I'd offer it up if anybody is a fan of them.
Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
2:14 am
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Finally sat down and watched all of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  My review:  I hope that one day if I have the misfortune of getting a brain tumor or dementia or a head injury these last two hours will be the first memories to go.
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